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Travel and Style – Welcome to Travels & Flaires

Dezember 28, 2017
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Hello world!

Welcome to Travels & Flaires – a new culture, travel and style blog. Travels & Flaires will be a place for everything travel, wanderlust and fashion related: From travel guides, local food and culture to unique style, vintage and modern, thrifted and new clothes.

A travel and style blog?

I know that for some people travel and fashion might seem as an odd topic combination for a blog. But I don’t know, I LOVE blogs which are about both travel and style (lifestyle in general). I rarely ever read blogs that have one topic only. And I guess, as you stumbled upon my site, you might like this combination too! Travel and style (and everything that comes with it, like photography, culture and creating) are my two big passions. And I think putting them together, you can create something pretty interesting, educating, inspirational and visually beautiful.

I would describe my fashion style as a modern bohemian seventies look with a lot of inspiration by past decades and my travels. I love everything retro, embroidered, velvet, lace, crochet and flares (get it? Flares, the bell bottoms? Flair, culture, travel? Flaires! Ok, ok, never mind…). Anyways, I know, it sounds cheesy, but for me, my style is a creative outlet. I would really love if you stick around and I hope I can give you some inspiration. I think, you should always have fun with your style, there is no wrong and right. And you should never have the feeling that you can’t pull something off. Because, you can!

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Fair fashion and green beauty

Anyways if you like all the wanderlust and globetrotting vibes, if you are into flares and all the retro seventies vibes – than this is your place. I am not sure which topics will be added as we go along, but I’ve always been a political person. And everything surrounding ethical fashion, sustainability, minimalism and natural beauty products are becoming more and more important to me.

At this moment my wardrobe is not 100% ethically (not even close), I am most certainly not a strict minimalist and maybe I’ll never be. And I am sure, I can still do a lot to minimize my waste, but I am on my way. I will do my best to promote good and ethical brands and products to you, but just keep in mind: I am not perfect and I am still learning. And maybe you want to learn with me? I don’t think that one has to be a perfect minimalist (what is that even?) to make an positive impact.

So on Travels & Flaires you will not only find travel & style inspiration and information, but also a lot of vintage and thrifting content.

See you soon,